Darin' Erin

Erin Cofiell

Erin Cofiell is up for the challenge. From traditional sports like softball and ice hockey, to action sports like waterskiing, rapelling and skydiving, there's nothing Erin won't try at least once. She's tried log rolling, drag racing and has spent three days with Marines at Parris Island. That fearlessness is what's make the Darin' Erin series a tremendous success. From donning football pads, to wearing a swimsuit, Erin has put forth the best effort possible in each and every segment.

Darin' Erin all began back in the fall of 2008. Erin had been mulling over the idea, and brought it up to WAFB Sports Director Steve Schneider while they were driving to cover Southern University football team play a road game at Jackson State.

It started as an idea Erin tossed up in the air, and by the end of the road trip, the two had come up with not only the perfect name, but the first segment idea as well. The very  first segment featured Erin challenging LSU kicker Colt David to a kicking contest. 

 In the beginning, the idea was to highlight the achievements of athletes in our area - while showing of their personality as well. In time, viewers in the Baton Rouge market became huge fans of the segment, often wondering what Erin would do next. To date - she's not only challenged herself, but also folks of all ages and talent levels, from youth softball players and Senior Olympic gold medalists, to Hall of Fame coaches, and a Super Bowl Champion.

Right now - the segment is on hiatus, but Erin is working very hard to bring it back to the viewers of Baton Rouge. Until then - take a look at some of the past segments - and leave a note, sharing your favorite.. or  even suggest your own idea! 


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